Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Garage Sale #2

Taken from original post in July 2014.

I just returned from one final to Nebraska to go through the last of mom's stuff and get rid of what was left.  I left the kids with Brandon (and sitters) in Vero so I could be free to spend as much time at the house as needed.

Anne, my sister-in-law, spent most of the time with me at the house as well.  It was good to have help, but more so it is nice to have someone to talk to and take my mind off the fact that it is still so overwhelming and frustrating to go through.  We had another garage sale on Thursday and Friday, and although we made a little money, it wasn't nearly as successful as the one in June.  We did have this friendly visitor, but he didn't buy much.

Although I was disappointed that we didn't sell more, the biggest goal was to go through about 20-30 boxes/tubs that had not been touched.  And since it was so slow, it gave me plenty of time to sort though that stuff.  And the remainder of the items will be donated this week to a local charity.

There is a good chance this weekend was the last time I will be in the house, as we hope to sell it soon.  Naturally, it led to a whole range of emotions for me as I had a final walk though.  While there is a sense of relief, it also closes the door on a lot of where I came from.  It is is strange reality for those things only to live on in photos and memories.  As I walked through room to room, there were memories and grief, and yet there was hope.  Hope for the house to be redeemed and hope for my own heart to heal.  And it was fitting that as I locked the door one last time, the final thing I saw was this rainbow still hanging in the side window.  The perfect reminder of God's faithfulness to me throughout this process and for eternity!

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