Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The House: The Final Chapter

Taken from original post in September 2014. 

Well, after sixteen months and six trips to Nebraska, we are finally wrapping up Mom's estate.  We have a few final loose ends to tie up but a few weeks ago a big part of it was brought to a close.  We SOLD the house!

It really was amazing to see God's hand in the whole thing.  Since the early days after Mom passed away, Geoff and I have had numerous conversations about what to do with the house.  Both of us loved the idea of seeing it redeemed, restored and brought back to a place where a family could live in it again.  But as the months passed we had a chance to better evaluate the house in it's current condition.  We also had a reality check on how much time and money it was already taking from our personal families and it was hard to know how much it would require if we were going to bring it back to life.  In addition, it put some stress on Geoff and my relationship at times and so, after having a few people go through it for remodeling estimates, we decided it would be better to sell 'as is'.

During my trip in June, when we were having our first of the two garage sales, my mom's dear friend, came and sat with me most of one day.  Her son stopped by and she casually asked him if he knew anyone who flips houses.  Well, the very next day a couple showed up at the garage sale.  My mom's friend's son had talked to a friend and that friend's parents talked to this couple.  They heard we were interested in selling the house and asked if they could check it out.  Well, long story short they made an offer that day!

Geoff and I were a little taken back and had some work to do on our side to make sure we wanted to move forward.  And because they wanted to pay cash, they had some things to do on their side as well.  For a few months we didn't know if it would actually go through.  Due to the fact that it was a completely private sale, we didn't have a contract on the house and Geoff and I grew a little anxious about waiting, but on September 12th everything went through and Geoff closed on it in Omaha.  Meanwhile, in Florida, this was waiting for me in the backyard.

I am still amazed and humbled!  As we anticipated a closing date, I asked the Lord for a rainbow.  I knew I didn't necessarily need one, but it had just been a beautiful part of the story and I hoped that same beauty of God's faithful presence would be what brought this journey to an end.  Brandon, the kids and I prayed and we were all thrilled to discover this FULL rainbow waiting that morning!  (I love that along the way, each rainbow we have seen in regards to the house, hasn't been a little corner of the rainbow in the clouds but all five have been FULL rainbows!  How often does that happen?)  There is no explanation other than we serve a powerful and good God!  And as the kids ran outside to see it...Isabelle said "It is because we prayed for a rainbow!"  And Collins said "It is because God LOVES us!"  And then as he walked back inside he said, "It is because He is so powerful!"  Amen, Collins!  I love that they were able to see this very tangible answer to our prayers.  And so we took a detour from our lesson plans and added a page to our book about God.  What a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness to us!

I will say that part of me hoped that all the emotional side of the house would be sorted through and figured out by the time we closed on it, but I'm realizing that as with most wounds, our hearts won't be fully healed this side of Heaven.  And that leaves me longing for more than rainbows, it makes me anxious for the fullness of His glory when He returns!

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  1. Congratulations on the successful sale! Stories like yours are so very encouraging and enheartening. My wife and I recently put my father's home up on the market, about a month ago, and have not had any luck yet. But we are waiting patiently for the right timing of , and hope to get a story out of it like yours!