Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Garage Sale #1

Taken from original post in June 2014. 

Thursday was prep day for the garage sale.  My sister-in-law helped me do more labeling and we put out signs all over.  And then at 8am on Friday we were open for business.  Geoff was able to help us on Friday and he also brought a bunch of stuff of his own to add to the mix.

It was the largest garage sale I have ever had.  There was SO much stuff.  There was too much to label and we ended up grouping a lot of things together with signs, which worked well.

We had a pretty steady crowd on Friday and I had high hopes for Saturday as well.  (I've only ever had garage sales on Saturdays.)  But the weather forecast was for storms and hail.  I prayed the Lord would hold off the rain and he did!  We were set up by 8am but sadly enough, not a soul showed up until almost 9am!  I was baffled.  I have always had people show up early and shop while you are still trying to set things up!  Overall Saturday was a lot slower, but we sold a ton of the bigger items so I was happy.   My sister had told her neighbor about the garage sale and they bought nearly all the furniture in one sweep!

As for Brandon and the kids, they came and went throughout the day and made interesting discoveries - like really annoying toy horns and huge plastic crayon banks.

They mostly kept busy in the yard, collecting sticks and playing in the dirt, which was kind of fun to see them playing in my childhood yard.

The parents of my high school best friend stopped by and we saw a few old neighbors and met some new ones as well.  Several of mom's friends also stopped by during the sale!  One of Mom's dear friend kept me company for several hours on both days when I was on my own.  Over the course of the two days, I managed to get a good sunburn. But all in all, I'd call the sale a success.  We made almost $900 and still had half a garage full of stuff that didn't sell, not to mention all the stuff we never got a chance to label and put out.  There may be another sale in our future and I, for one, will take a sigh of relief when we are rid of all the stuff!

I honestly wish I could have left with all of mom's things wrapped up, but that was probably a lofty thought.  There is still a lot that has not even been gone through a first time so despite how much I'd love to be through with it all, I know more awaits.  But hey, if we make another $900, I might not complain as much!

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